As Cardboard Dream House embark on a new EP titled "Funeral of a nation, "FUNERAL OF A NATION" is the first track on the FUNERAL OF A NATION EP. Funeral of a nation was inspired by the state in which the world has been in for the last few years and seen through the eye's of Cardboard Dream House frontman Bobby Roberts. The FUNERAL OF A NATION single was released August 19th 2022. The first single "Circles”was released March 4th 2022.

Cardboard Dream House is an all-original Alternative Rock band from Southern Connecticut. The band first surfaced in the summer of 2018. A collection of songs written by Bobby Roberts (Guitar/Vocals) started the the foundation for what would become Cardboard Dream House along with (drummer) Joe Covino. After a couple of months honing in their sound, (Bassist) Peter Doheny was added to the mix along with ( Keyboards/Piano) Lydia Arachne.

After months of gig’s and preparation, Cardboard Dream House went into the studio to record their self titled EP and Released it June 2019. 

By August of 2019 Peter Doheny and Joe Covino have departed the band and after a brief search, Haneef Harris (Bassist) and Eli Farland (Drums) entered and became members of Cardboard Dream House. Sept 2019 Bobby Roberts signed with Neurotronix records and in February 2020, Cardboard Dream House started the recording process of what would become the first full length album of 11 songs “Perspective” Released Digitally June 19th 2020 on Neurtronix Records. In 2021,Cardboard Dream House didn't renew their contract with Neurotronix Records and Farland and Harris left the band to be replaced by Mike Brandon (Drums) and Andrew Nave (Bass) and added Stevie Bagz (Guitar). Cardboard Dream House is releasing new music in 2022 starting with a Single Titled "Circles" and  "Funeral of a nation" and the EP to follow titled "FUNERAL OF A NATION". The 3rd single to drop from FUNERAL OF A NATION will be I'll be coming back   March 3rd with a video to follow.Cardboard Dream House is tearing up the NewEngland  scene.

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